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13th August 2022 

Some Personal Observations

Just a few observations that might help:

* It is important to choose a counsellor that you feel comfortable with. Research has shown that the quality of the relationship between client and counsellor is important in determining outcome.

* Generally speaking I would advise weekly sessions, at least to begin with. "Work" is done between sessions as well as in the counselling room, and too big a gap can dilute effectiveness.

* Our patterns in life often arise from early experience. It can be useful to reflect on this as we all seek explanations. Change is a challenge but awareness of how we tick can help with this.

* Finally, it might be helpful to know that I have been a client myself on several occasions. Partly because I have my own issues to address, but also to give me insight into the relationship from the other side of the fence.

If you decide to book an initial session please feel free to ask me any questions that could help.

Glenys Boulton